Posted on: May 28, 2009 5:43 pm

Will people ever learn to drive?

This blog dosen't have a lot to do with sports (maybee nascar!  LOL) but is the one thing that is bothering me the most today!  Will people ever learn to drive?  It seems like the vast majority of people on the road today have things on their minds and the road isn't any of them!!!!  I drive for a living and I see it day in and day out.  People either have a phone permanantly attached to their heads (and I'm not talking about the bluetooths.  That's another blog entry.)  Just gabbing away either laughing, yelling, fumbling with papers, reaching for something in the back, or just not paying attention.  That's not good at 70 MPH!!!!!!  Or any other speed for that matter!  PUT THE DAMN PHONES DOWN PEOPLE!!!  NEWS FLASH!  YOU CAN'T DRIVE AND TALK!!!!  EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN, YOU CANNOT!!!!!!  I saw some lady rear-end someone at 45 mph because she reached down for a fry she dropped in the car!  YOU CAN'T EAT AND DRIVE!!!!   Another girl rearended someone at a light because she was putting her makeup on in the car, in the sunvisor mirror!  Take 5 more minutes and DO IT AT HOME!!!!!!!  Why is it that old people do 25 MPH  UNDER the speed limit?  It's like any other piece of machinery!  If your reflexes are too slow to operate it then DON'T!!!!  How do these people keep getting their  licenses renewed?  There should be a law that states anyone over the age of 65 should be required to take a road test every 2-3 years!!!!  I know there are exceptions to that rule, but then there is the otherside of the coin too!  I now a 70 year old grandma that has one heck of a LEADFOOT!!!!  But she dosen't pay attention either!  Heck half the time she forgets where she's going halfway there!!!!  I'm not saying I'm perfect and believe me accidents do happen!  But if people could scrape a little common sense out of there heads and think about how many people are really affected by their F'D up driving, the roads would be a MUCH safer place.
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